Brickcase by Smallworks for iPhone and iPod touch



Today we will be looking into “BrickCase” by SmallWorks which is available on iPhone 4/4s and iPod touch.

At first glance – this case is like any other case apart from one thing – You can build with Lego on it; therefore it has infinite potential to be anything your imagination allows! But this case isn’t a one trick pony, it has a high quality plastic that’s slightly flexible but won’t break easy, I have tested this by dropping it a few time’s and it was still going strong – an equally important note I have to point out is this case has the ports and buttons down to a tee, they are all clear and easy to use, sometime’s in other cases this isn’t the case (There’s a pun somewhere).

The case is very easy to fit into your phone, it just snaps into place and has a perfect fit, I was a bit sceptical at first because  I normally dislike “Clip-on” cases but this was surprisingly easy and practical to do. With 10 different colours available on their site ( it’s very easy to keep it personalized and stand out from the crowd.

BrickCase really is one in a million, my son grabbed it off me and started making a car with lego, I got it back and I had a little play around; one thing that’s great about it is you can make a phone stand with it which you can put on your desk or in your car, overall this case is beyond amazing, orgasmic might be a good word to describe the pure fun you can get from this case, it’s well worth the purchase and the price is surprisingly fair too, which is a bonus!

You can buy it for £20 on or $20 from, though there are a limited number of colours if you buy it from amazon and if you would like a HUGE selection, look on the smallworks website for other colours.

Thank you for reading. – Shaun Hoare.


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