CafeDirect Espresso

You may want to read this first: CafeDirect


Taste: 8/10. Aroma: 9/10. Value: 8/10. Packaging: 8/10. Resealable: No.

This one has an amazing aroma, I was starting to think it might just end up to be the perfect brew. I enjoyed the taste but it wasn’t quite perfect. It’s Dark, has a nice linger and a fair kick to it, but is just “slightly” too bitter for the overall taste.

Definitely better than some of the espressos I have been drinking lately but there are better ones out there. Although; for the value this one most likely beats them all.

Was a delight to review. Thank you all for reading. -Judge Shaun.

Overall rating: 8/10. (81%)

*All tests are equal.


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