Butlers Hot Chocolate

You may want to read this first: Butlers.


Taste: 8/10. Aroma: 9/10. Value: 7/10. Packaging: 9/10. Resealable: Yes.

On receiving this, I couldn’t help but mention how great the packaging is – after opening it, I felt like I was actually opening a real box of chocolates – it came with a really useful leaflet with great tips to make your hot chocolate experience better, such as adding cream to the top. (Which I did not because I try to keep all these reviews 100% fair).

You could either put milk in a saucepan or microwave to heat up, we chose to fill our cups 3/4th the way with milk and microwave for 2mins, followed by simply putting the chocolate into the cup and stirring for about 20 seconds. Once it all melted in we noticed a VERY nice Aroma.

Onto the taste; It was smooth, creamy and rich with a nice punch to it. Every time I go to the kitchen to have a coffee this keeps drawing me in and making my mouth water. it is almost the best chocolate I have had, but there seems to be a little something missing – but that might be because of the way I microwaved the milk, I will follow up on this once I have made it the saucepan way, so keep an eye on this one.

But even if the saucepan way doesn’t make a difference it doesn’t matter because this has already scored a whopping 8/10 and I definitely recommend you try it.

Overall rating: 8/10. (84%)

Thanks for reading. -Judge Shaun.

*All tests are equal.


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