Edgcumbes Pure Colombian Medellin Excelso

You may want to read this first: Edgcumbes.


Taste: 8/10. Aroma: 7/10. Value: 4/10. Packaging: 5/10. Resealable: Yes.

When I first saw the packaging, I remember thinking to myself that this looked like it would be bog-standard coffee with nothing much to offer and held back from reviewing it for a while.

When I opened the bag, someone from above must have been watching me pray for ages. This bag is resealable – sure there are other companies who make resealable bags too but this one is done RIGHT.

I started brewing this one still thinking it wouldn’t be much to review at all, As I was pouring it into my faithful coffee cup that has been through so much pain and pleasure with me I was hoping this would be the latter; but then the aroma hit me and it was great and gave me some good hope.

Anyway; onto the actual review. This coffee has a nice kick, good lingering taste. You can taste a soft, smooth nutty taste and I think I recall  a slight berry taste. There isn’t much more I can say about the flavour other than one thing; It’s the best Colombian I have ever had. seriously – this has done something no other company can do. Almost scoring a 9/10 but just short off it because I feel something is missing but I just cant put my finger on it.

Overall rating: 8/10. (89%)

Thanks for reading. -Judge Shaun.

*All tests are equal.


3 thoughts on “Edgcumbes Pure Colombian Medellin Excelso

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