Apple Earpods

9F23C0BE-3506-406F-A53E-51D9FE2E5DBEQuality: 5/10 Packaging: 8/10 Value: 4/10

Today I review the apple earpods – these are a low end pair of earphones costing £25 so I didn’t expect too much. On plugging these in, I noticed a fair difference from the bog-standard earphones apple throw in with most products they produce.

They are loud, but tinny, have bass but at an appalling level and quality. As it’s an apple product I was hoping it would actually sound amazing for the price, but I soon found out it was the opposite. I have seen better earphones for half this price before, but like I said before – if you get it free with your iPod, phone, etc. then there is nothing to complain about as it is better than the last iteration.

Could I recommend these? Simply put; No, unless you don’t listen to music too much; otherwise, by all means go with another brand.

Overall: 54%.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.


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