Butlers White Hot Chocolate

You may want to read this first: Butlers.


Taste: 9/10. Aroma: 7/10. Value: 7/10. Packaging: 9/10. Resealable: Yes.

On receiving this, I couldn’t help but mention how great the packaging is – after opening it, I felt like I was actually opening a real box of chocolates – it came with a really useful leaflet with great tips to make your hot chocolate experience better, such as adding cream to the top. (Which I did not because I try to keep all these reviews 100% fair).

This one is really rich and creamy beyond anything. If the inventors of thick milkshake all sat around a table and started to come up with ideas for hot chocolate, this would be the product of that. It’s taste is out of this world and is easily in my top 5 of all hot chocolates.

There is nothing else to say; you have to try this out to believe me, and nice you do – you will be drawn in to the luxurious taste and keep coming back.

Overall rating: 9/10. (90%)

Thanks for reading. -Judge Shaun.

*All tests are equal.


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