You may want to read this first: Costa.


Taste: 8/10. Aroma: 6/10. Value: 7/10. Packaging: 6/10. Resealable: No.

I will always have some fond memories with this one. It was one of the first coffees I used in my Drip-Filter machine. I always recalled it being one of my favorites.

After brewing this – whilst I enjoyed the aroma I had to be honest and say it now only feels above average. After sipping it’s rich, creamy, slightly chocolaty flavor I recalled why I loved it – it also has a nice kick – and my favorite part of all is the very nice lingering taste this has.

But let’s be honest here – it’s not perfect. It’s not got anything to make itself stand out other than the amazing general taste. So; I thought to myself – would this be the perfect coffee for guests? Not quite. but it does sit just in-between Carte Noir and Taylors Imperial which is nothing to be laughed about, this has some serious potential.

I would recommend you try this one. If anything is to be said – it’s definitely miles ahead of starbucks.

Overall score: 8/10. (82%)

Thanks for reading. -Judge Shaun.

*All tests are equal.


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