Paddy and Scotts – Great With Friends

You may want to read this first: Paddy & Scotts.


Taste: 7/10. Aroma: 6/10. Value: 6/10. Packaging: 8/10. Resealable: No.

Great with friends? This should be renamed – Great with some friends. But in all seriousness, these are okay. Well, no. They are more than okay, there are just much better options out there for coffee to share with friends/guests and sadly – this doesn’t cut it.

This is a nice, sharp blend that leaves a very nice after taste, and is characteristic – but I think that is where the problem lays. I find that guests tend to enjoy less characteristic, simple coffees and this one just has too much of a complex blend feel to it which makes it impossible for me to offer this to guests. Though, it is nice to have to yourself at the end of a hard day.

This one gets a reasonable: 7/10. (70%)

Thank you for reading, -Judge Shaun.

*All tests are equal.


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