Cya after Christmas!

Hello all.

I’m just writing this post to tell everyone that the reviews have stopped until after Christmas now.

This site hasn’t been on the internet for long but every day I see a higher and higher fanbase, with more and more like and views and it makes me feel warm inside. I also get very nice emails from companies saying how well I have done my reviews, and from those who get low-scores they work more on the product.

We will be back after christmas with tons of reviews. I mean tons. The following stuff has been confirmed to be sent to me withing January: Geeky pillows, clothes, plushies, coffee machines, coffee grinders, Soundbar/Bluetooth speaker, Possibly more tablets, NAS (network attached storage drives), Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, and other computer related and geeky stuff! Oh, and of-course Coffee and Tea! 😀

I hope you all have a fun Christmas! Bookmark and follow this blog to see it becoming really active in January.

Thanks for reading, – Judge Shaun.



One thought on “Cya after Christmas!

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