Reviews for the first 15 days of January.

I posted about some of the stuff I will be reviewing in January here.

I have already reviewed a fair amount of stuff ready to be uploaded to this site throughout the 1st of January until the 15th. here’s a sneak peak!


For those who find it hard to read my writing, I will write down below the names and dates:

  • Jan 1st: The beast by climpson and sons
  • Jan 2nd: I don’t get older, I level up T-shirt by nerdkeyz
  • Jan 3rd: Qualota Rossa by Lavazza
  • Jan 4th: iPad stand by CE
  • Jan 5th: Fairtrade Grand Italia by Edcumbes
  • Jan 6th: Berlin Case for iPad Mini by Kavaj
  • Jan 7th: Cafe Zero by Paddy and Scotts
  • Jan 8th: Cafe Mocha by Cafe Zero
  • Jan 9th: Rich Italian by Taylors
  • Jan 10th: Blow Me tshirt by nerkeyz
  • Jan 11th: Cafe Culture by Paddy and Scotts
  • Jan 12th: HG3939 coffee grinder by Tiamo
  • Jan 13th: Lusty Glaze by handsoncoffee
  • Jan 14th: HG6071BK Coffee Grinder by Tiamo
  • Jan 15th: The baron by climpson and sons

EDIT: New reviews coming in after the 15th:

  • Jan 16th: Speck case for iPhone
  • Jan 17th: Fairtrade Ethiopian by Co-Op
  • Jan 18th: Azera by Nescafe

I hope you enjoy them and look forward to all future reviews.

-Judge Shaun.


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