Fairtrade Grand Italia by Edgcumbes

Type: Ground Coffee

You may want to read this: Edgcumbes


Overall: 84% | Taste: 8 | Aroma: 6 | Value: 4 | Packaging: 4

Let’s start this off by saying; it’s a shame this one isn’t resealable like the last edcumbes coffee I reviewed especially as this is in a bigger bag.

Now that little negative comment is out the way. let’s get down to business. Edgcumbes have done it again! Another amazing tasting coffee.

This one is dark, yet rich, creamy, full of flavor and has a little character but not “in your face” – which makes this the perfect brew for guests and through-out the whole day. This does also have a very nice lingering after-taste.

Would I recommend this? 100% – it is amazing and you wont be able to agree until you experience it. What are you waiting for? Get a bag now!

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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