Cafe Mocha by Cafe Nero

Type: Coffee Shop


Overall: 91% | Taste: 9 | Aroma: 7 | Value: 8 | Look: 9

This is the first in a series of Coffee Shop reviews. I know I am most known for Technology reviews on Youtube, and Ground coffee in the blogosphere but I am starting to branch out and may even need some guest bloggers soon as I have so much to review that it’s starting to become hard to do it all. Anyway; onto the review.

I decided to go for a Mocha because it has been so long since I have had one. On first inspection the presentation was amazing – the aroma was also great, but I it was because of the cream mostly.

I took a sip and enjoyed the smooth, rich texture, but let’s move onto the taste itself. It was dark and intense – yet; sweet. There isn’t a great deal of character to make this stand out, but that doesn’t matter because it just tastes so damn good.

The worst thing for me is the lack of lingering after-taste, but you will find that from most mochas to be fair. So – no real fault there. It’s up to the standard of a home-made decent bean blend. I definitely recommend you try this one.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Mocha by Cafe Nero

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