Lusty Glaze by handsoncoffee

Type: Coffee Beans


Overall: 93% | Taste: 9 | Aroma: 9 | Value: 5 | Packaging: 10

Why did the packaging get a 10? Because it is perfect and decently resealable. The aroma  scored a 9 because it is amazing.

The thing that shocked me most? The taste. At first you feel the dark, intense, powerful flavor but under that you can taste an amazing chocolaty, smooth center.

I cannot put into words how wonderful this coffee is – but I know what I can say. This is the best coffee I have had to date and beats most the biggest coffee giants into a corner.

This has had heart and soul put into it and you simply MUST get a bag or two, or two-hundred of this, you wont regret it at all, I promise you. I normally have TONS of coffee sent to me and I normally throw them away after a few brews but this one I have kept on my personal shelf. That is saying something, folks.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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