South Atlantic by Sea Island Coffee

Type: Coffee Beans


Overall: 85% | Taste: 8 | Aroma: 8 | Value: 3 | Packaging: 9

When I first saw the packaging I thought to myself “Please, don’t do an illy on me..” – on opening I was pleasantly surprised to not be blinded in any way, unlike a certain other coffee roaster who likes silver tins.

The packaging was nice and clean; inside the tin was a sealed fresh bag of beans. If apple made coffee; this would probably be how it would be packaged.

The aroma was nothing short of amazing. The taste was great; has a fruity punch to it and what’s more – this has a nice character and lingering taste to it too. Is it worth paying the £20 for 125g?

That depends on the individual – I personally like this but also like cheaper alternatives, but there are people out there who would prefer to pay for this which is fair enough because at the end of day; this is an amazing coffee.

Thank you for reading – Judge Shaun.

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