Cafe Culture by Paddy & Scotts

Type: Coffee Beans

You may want to read this: Paddy & Scotts.


Overall: 91% | Taste: 9 | Aroma: 7 | Value: 6 | Packaging: 8

This is the best Paddy & Scotts ever – it’s official. Is it because it’s bean and not ground, like the other Paddy & Scott brews? Who knows!

Intense, yet soft. Big kick, yet calming too. confusing? No. This just has tons of character – definitely the best I have had from them, but it’s also one of the better espressos full stop.

This has just missed the mark to be in my top 5 – but I would recommend it any day of the week to everyone. You simply Must try it!

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Culture by Paddy & Scotts

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