Judge Dredd T-Shirt by Urbanspecies

Type: Clothing


I AM the judge! pretty fitting T-shirt.

Overall: 87% | Quality: 9 | unique: 8 | Value: 7

I received this from Urbanspecies a few days ago and was really excited as I was always a fan of the original Judge Dredd – it was one of my favorite comics of all time and the old films were great! after getting this it bought back some good memories and reminded me there is the new film I still haven’t gotten around to watching yet. Anyway; let’s move onto the design itself.

The design is old school and perfect in every way. This is the Judge Dredd I remember. Very retro style which is always good. This is definitely a keeper and I would easily recommend all you comic fans out there to get one.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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