Black & Beyond by Percol

Type: Ground coffee


Overall: 92% | Taste: 9 | Aroma: 8 | Value: 9 | Packaging: 7

The packaging is good – full of all the info you would hope for. I love the “Adventures in Coffee” slogan too. If I could give some feedback on the packaging to Percol – I would say that it is a shame it isn’t resealable.

The Aroma was great, but what about the taste? Well; that’s what shocked me most! It was dark, intense and had a nice dark chocolate feel yet it is also smooth and sweet at the same time.

This coffee has a nice, subtle character and lingering after taste to it and I cannot recommend it anough.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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One thought on “Black & Beyond by Percol

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