Review of the Month – Tassimo T20!


Today I received something rather spectacular – a single serve coffee machine(SSC) from Tassimo. I have heard rumors that SSC discs costs much more than traditional ground bags, and there’s apparently a lack of choice. Are the rumors true or just simply jealousy?

Let’s start with the packaging – its all clear and informative, but trust me; Its so easy to use you wont even need to look at them. What we get is the machine, water tank, and a service/cleaning disc.


Those who have seen my review on the Aeropress know it was annoying to clean after every use. Drip filters are pretty easy, you only need to rinse the coffee jug, and clean the filter after each use. How do we need to clean the tassimo? It’s simple. You don’t really need to – all you have to do is put the service disc and a de-scaler in every few weeks. It even indicates when it needs to be done so you don’t forget and you always know its clean.

How do we brew a coffee? Simply pull up the lid, put the T-Disc in and press the big button and because of its barcode system it will automatically make you the best brew it can. Thats it. What is in the disc? Instant coffee? Nope. it’s proper ground coffee – there are brands like Costa, Twinings, Cadbury and one of my favorites – Carte Noire.

There is so much variety, much more than the competition, and to those who say they want more flavors than what’s on offer – Experiment and make your own flavors – thats what I plan to do, so keep an eye out for my crazy tassimo experiments and see if you like them too.

Now, let’s get onto the big rumor. Disc prices. Let’s do some basic maths.

16 pack of carte noire crema T Discs = £3.80. 3.80/16= 23p per cup of coffee.

24 servings (ground Carte Noire) = £3.80. £3.80/24 = 16p per cup of coffee.

1 Crema from a coffee shop = £2.40. 2.40/1 = £2.40 per cup of coffee.

So as we can see – The tassimo T-Discs are literally over 10 times cheaper than going to a coffee shop and taste just as good but with more variety, where as the ground is 7p less per cup which is a very small price to pay for convenience. And if you wan to come into this matter you could easily counter-argue that these T-Discs are air-tight and the coffee inside wont “run out of date/taste not as good” for a year or two. I have seen people say they found discs in the cupboards they forgot about for years and they still taste just as good; my point being – people throw away ground coffee when they get bored of it or don’t drink it enough, wasting money.

Now let’s get down to the other important facor; taste. Does this taste as good as shop made coffee, ground or instant? This machine is faster than making instant coffee, so how does it fair? Thankfully, this leaps above instant coffee and some of the coffees are better than shop made coffees. I don’t know how. Perhaps the coffee fairies sprinkled some magic dust around Tassimo because I still cannot get around how nice these coffees are and they only take one minute to make.

Highly Recommended.


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