Aeropress – Review of the month: January

I have had a lot of good stuff sent to me to review in January, but this is one of my favorite products.

Type: Tech, Coffee


Overall: 88% | Quality: 8 | usability: 7 | Packaging: 8

The packaging was great, and the assembly was easy. The only thing that could improve this would be adding some tips on how to use it on the box and supply a permanent filter.*

It’s very easy to use – you simply use the scoop provided for the coffee and use the numbering on the side of the aeropress for water. I normally like to drink my coffee in a bigger cup, so I usually do 2 scoops of fresh ground and fill the water up to 2 as well. For those who like to drink from a mug, 2 = half a mug, which I personally find perfect.

I have had coffee from French Presses, Drips & Espresso machines; ranging from £30 to over £300 but have never have I tasted coffee so good. Aerobie have made a miracle come alive here. How can a this machine make better coffee than ones ten times it’s price? Magic, that’s how.

Do I recommend it to anyone? Yes. I recommend it for almost everyone on a budget. Whilst this is an amazing machine, it is a little bit more hassle than a drip. If you are like me, and love to grind fresh beans into ground then this may just be perfect for you.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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*You can get permanent filters from third party companies. I hope I receive a few I could review for you all in the future.


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