Scout 2 by STM Bags

Type: Bag


Overall: 92% | Quality: 9 | unique: 8 | Value: 8

Let’s start with a little story. Go get a nice cup of coffee ready and sit down to get relaxed for an epic tale. One day I was dragging around a huge, heavy, and ugly looking shoulder bag and it was very annoying to carry for more than 10 minutes. I stumbled across STM bags in the past a ton of times but always thought to myself that all my “junk” wouldn’t dare fit in one of the bags I was eyeing up. This is the adventure of me finding a magical bag that really can fit all my junk in. I’m joking about the tale stuff – I think I have been playing too many video games today. But let’s get onto the review.


I received the bag I liked the look of a lot called Scout 2 and as you can see from the picture above – it is small in size, especially compared to my other bag. I have been thinking about migrating from a huge, heavy bag to a smaller bag for ages but have never been inspired enough to do it. Until I saw this. For people who know me well, you know I carry almost everything with me. So how could I fit it all in here? Well. I won’t say exactly what is where yet because I want to save that for an article in the future!

This can fit a 13″ laptop in and iPads fit in just fine too. Let’s talk about the features. On the back of the bag there is a cutout storage area with a zip at the bottom – I don’t have a clue exactly why there is a zip at the bottom but I have found it useful when I am sitting in a coffee shop somewhere and want to get a notepad out fast I simply unzip and the jobs done.

The strap is a fair lengh and I really love how easy it is to manage. The shoulder guard is huge and comfy beyond belief no matter how much weight I have put into this bag. Let’s open up the clip on the front to have a little look inside.

There is a left and right pouch. On the left is a general space for any goods. On the right is an area for pens and some space still available for other uses.There is a zip just above the pouch area with plenty of deep space. Above the zip is an open area which could be used for anything, even a laptop/tablet would be fine there but I personally use it for a notepad.

Then there is a velcro area for laptops or tablets. This area is one of the most impressive things about this bag for me. It is so thick and protective. I wouldn’t cringe at all if I had a laptop fall of a table in this bag because I know it’s got me covered.

This bag is truly awesome and I would definitely recommend you get one. Especially if you want to downsize and still have plenty of space. My old bag was 17″, this is 13″ and fits everything my old bag had in it. Keep an eye out for my follow-up blog on what I always keep in my bag. I think you might just be shocked by how amazing this bag is.

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