7-Port USB3 hub by Plugable

Type: Tech


Overall: 83% | Usability: 9 | Packaging: 8 | Value: 7

Plugable sent me one of these to review. So here I am. The packaging was great – on opening it up, it reminded me of an apple product. Very clean and neat looking. Because i’m from the UK I was worried about what plug it would come with.

It came with a european one. Oh, and a UK one too!! Handy. I could use the UK one at home and keep the EU one in a travel bag.

BF7D8A4C-68AF-48CA-BFAE-47B7FCB5C857Contents: USB3 unit, UK AND EU plugs, USB cable, Manual.

The features on it are great – when you have a USB using some juice plugged in a blue light appears making it easy to troubleshoot devices. When I read the description it said about not being able to charge apple devices which saddened me but I thought I should try it any way. Guess what? It does charge them! Phew!

E0F34958-533A-4C1A-8711-D6F65594FF19Picture: Powered devices in port 1 and 2 and a non-powered device in port 3.

This is an awesome USB hub for consumers, but I do hope they make a wall mountable unit in the future for us with servers or network units. Overall – this is an amazing USB hub and I would definitely recommend it if you have the space.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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