DS212J Diskstation by Synology

Type: Tech, NAS


Overall: 93% | Quality: 7 | Value: 7 | Suability: 9

Today I review one of my favorite tech gadgets of all time; a NAS device (short for Network Attached Storage) though for these devices NAS is an understatement as some can do so much more and even some server related tasks. Maybe we should call them SNAS! (Hope the Nintendo fans see what I did there).


On unboxing – we can see there is the standard “Power Supply” unit, along with a UK plug, 1 ethernet(RJ45) cable, screws and a manual.D832A0ED-17F1-4128-A02A-34F8B2D2D55B

Here is the actual NAS! so, what do I need to do before starting this actual review? Throw a HDD in and connect it all up. You notice the manual? Well – seeing as I am a computer builder I decided to throw it in the box. It was easy as anything to install Hard drives in, I can imagine even people who have never done it before will even find it easy too.

Simply slot the Hard Drive(s) in, screw it in place and then put the cover on after. It really is that simple.


It’s all plugged in and started fine. I logged into the web-based GUI to play around with it and I must truly say – the “OS” is beyond amazing. it is perfect and even more than I would expect for a NAS. This thing has so many functions that you will be on it tinkering for ages.

Onto the hardware front – it’s lacking. The software may be amazing and you can do all sorts with it but you definitely notice the lag and the system takes a fair few minutes to boot and you wont be able to have tons of “applications” in use at one – maybe 4-6 which is fine for most NAS devices but Synology are pushing beyond boundaries in every other area, it’s just a shame that the main thing holding this device back is the RAM(256mb) and CPU(800mz) specifications. I feel that any modern NAS needs 512mb RAM or more to be able to handle all tasks thrown at it and the CPU is just always at 100% and cripples the device and it essentially needs to be twice as fast.

Are there any other issues? No. None at all. it’s all good from here!os

The DS212J Diskstation carries out all tasks with no issues and is extremely reliable. You can access all your music, films, photos from any device. Want to watch a few films on an iPad? No problem. Want to watch your house with connected security camera while you are abroad? No problem.

The best thing about Synology is the amount of care they put into these devices and they really do seem to care about customers too which is refreshing compared to some other NAS companies.

One of the most important thing about getting a NAS from Synology is the mobile and tablet apps at hand. No one even competes in this department.C9D9ECB7-EFC9-4D9F-9BBD-E64254638F24

There are separate apps for Music, Films, Photos, Files, Surveillance and an app to tell you some statistics of your NAS. All of them are what you would expect to see on a windows PC – some such as the music app goes above and beyond.

This device is truly amazing and if you dont mind the low-ish specs I will definitely recommend it!

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