Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

Type: Tech


Overall: 93% | Quality: 9 | Value: 7

I was really excited when I heard withings wanted to send me this to review. Was it worth me being excited or was it just the same as all the cheaper ones on the market? The answer lies withing(no pun intended).


On opening the box I could see straight away that they were aiming for the clean and minimal packaging scheme thats synonymous with Apple products which always makes me squeal with excitement, because let’s face it – you know the company cares and it’s a good indication of quality.


So, let’s see what it comes with. The actual monitor (camera), an attachment that goes between the camera and a cot/bed, a battery which is another good sign. if your power cuts and this isn’t on a UPS then it will still run along with your router (hopefully)on the UPS. It comes with a manual which is pretty useful, a plug with plenty of different adapters which is always nice to see and a bag you can pile it all in which is also a nice little addition.

For connectivity – it has Bluetooth, WiFi built in and an ethernet port at the back which means you can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere. For example, if you get a baby sitter and go on a date you can check on the baby and not have to worry about rushing home so much.

And what’s more? it sends you instant alerts when it senses noise, motion, temperature and humidity changes.


This camera comes with a ton of features you wouldn’t expect from any other baby monitoring company. It can sense temperature and humidity – which I have put to the test and have found it to be accurate and it has even helped me realise there was a problem with the humidity in my babies room. This has a good two way audio communication microphone built into it with a very low latency which means you can talk to the monitor and hear the baby at an almost instant rate.

It has a nice night light that can change to variable colours and even go through all the colors. One of my favorite features is that it can play lullaby’s – not just any lullaby’s. popular, good symphonies that sound great.

What about one of the most important things, the camera? Well. I shouldn’t even have to mention how amazing it is. It actually shocked me because its better quality than most security cameras and you can zoom then pan and tilt it too! I will put a few pictures up of the quality sometime this week.

Is this worth the £240 price point or will you be better off saving money and getting something cheaper? The answer is: If you have the cash – go for it. It has tons of features you wont find on a cheaper baby monitor and I cannot recommend it enough.

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