KGuard EasyLink – EL421-4HW212

Hello all; and welcome back to JudgeReview – your number one source for diverse technology reviews. We will be reviewing the Kguard EasyLink camera system today to see if it can hold up against the competition.


At just under £300 for the 1TB, 4 camera set – this isn’t quite the cheapest set out there, but it does however have some features that the cheaper kits do not, which we will get into later.


The kit comes with the DvR, Power Adapter(DvR), Remote Control, HDMI Cable(long), Ethernet Cable(small), Mouse, 2x+ Cameras, Power Adapter(Cameras), 2x BNC cables(18m), CD, Plugs, Screws, and install guide.

Prevention & Action

Before we talk about the DvR, and cameras – I would like to talk about why this kit is a good idea to own; to protect your house/business by deterring thieves, and avoiding damage to your premises.

Having cameras up alone acts as a deterrent, as the individual(s) who see them would think it would be harder to steal, break, etc your premises as it is guarded – and they would most likely go elsewhere.

This DvR has some great features – if for example an individual tries to break, damage or steal any of your cameras – the DvR will make a loud alarm noise to alert you, and you could also set it up so it can email you, etc too.

You could also make it so when the cameras detection motion by individual(s) – it will alarm/message you, which could be handy if it is night time and you’re in bed. It will give you time to get up, call the cops and prepare to defend your premises.

If you do have any problems, and it’s caught on camera – you have evidence that should hold up well in court. You could “BackUp” your clips, and put them on a USB drive, phone, etc so you can show the police if there is any damage or criminal activity.

You could also set up the Cloud system(DropBox uploading) – so if for example; someone does break in, finds your DvR and does damage to it, etc – the clips will be stored online where they cannot be damaged, and from there you can download them and show them to court, or the authorities.

Recording & Playback

The DvR has a good user interface, which can be very easy to navigate by Mouse,
and also quite easy to use with the remote too – which was surprising to me.

There are multiple models available, with different amounts of storage available,
this review assumes you are interested in the 1TB model – I’d like to point out that
the HDD can be removed, and replaced by another HDD – which means you could potentially put in a 2TB hdd for example – which could hold multiple years worth of recordings.


For example – when I formatted my 1TB HDD, and chose to use the BEST settings, on 4 cameras, it estimated around 60+ days worth of recording. What happens is – after the HDD gets full, it can delete older clips to make space for newer ones.

The Software is also quite good, although it would be nice to have an option to bypass the login.You could use it to view in real time, play back clips recorded from the software, or play remotely stored clips – giving you multiple options of viewing – also; I really like the way the playback works. It looks very polished and clean.

Remote viewing

The EasyLink DvR allows you to connect to your cameras on an app whilst you are out – for example; if you are on holiday, out with friends, or just shopping. Could be ideal if you want to check on multiple things. Some companies like to leave parcels near our door if we aren’t in – so it could be good to check up on.

The EasyLink DvR also allows you to connect to the cameras on an app whilst you are at home, for example – if you’re in bed and hear a noise, you can connect to check if it’s near your house, or not. You could also use it, if for example you’re in your back garden and you expect some people to come up – that way you can check the front door whilst relaxing.

Connecting the DvR to the App was very easy to do – just simply scan the QR code with the app and, it will set itself up. This is great as it will bypass having to play around with username, passwords, and networking.

Pros & Cons

Potential full security for your house.
Crime Deterrent.
Records, so you can play back for police, etc.
Good quality Cameras.
Great PC/Mac Software.
Easy to use QT, and Great iOS software.

The Cameras have no audio function.
No WP8 app.


If you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a system that can be navigated better with a remote, and have the DropBox, cloud storage solution – then this is for you.

The PC software is great – the iOS software is great. If you own a WP8 – you will need to use a third person app.

The Cameras are better quality than I expected them to be, and can get a relatively clear image.They are also weather resistant – and work well when it’s raining, windy, etc.

I recommend you buy this CCTV kit from here. Click.


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