Hello all,

I Just received supplies from CafeDirect and I thought I should post a link to this post in every CafeDirect review instead of repeating the same over and over.


CafeDirect have also made a video with some tips to make your coffee taste better.

I’d also like to add a tip: If your coffee is ever too bitter – add some salt.

Ground Coffee:

Medium Roast Review

Full Roast Review

Rich Roast

Organic Medium


Espresso Review

Kilimanjaro Review

Machu Picchu Review

Mayan Palenque Review


Hand-Picked Tea Review

Hot Chocolate:

San Cristobal Review

Sao Tome Review

Thank you all for reading,

Judge Shaun.

Awaiting review = This Colour.

Not in supply off = This Colour

*All our tests are fair.


5 thoughts on “CafeDirect

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