Archos 80 Cobalt


Quality: 7/10 Packaging: 8/10 Value: 8/10

Looking at the package we can see what is in store – it’s 8 inch, can play back 1080p, and has a 1.6GHZ CPU. So how accurate is this packaging and how well does it cope?

Turned it on and it gave me the option to install all the archos bloat or go vanilla and keep it clean, I chose to go vanilla. It booted up with the usual and I swiped around the screen and noticed next to no lag at all which was a surprise because a year or so ago all android tablets lagged horribly.

You can play videos okay, though you can run into lag if  you do too much at the same time, which is to be expected from this type of device. The good news is; it has the real play store! This one has a very fast CPU which is useful for everything in general, but more specifically – games. This is nothing short of amazing value and is definitely great for most of the family. I wholly recommend this tablet.

Overall: 71%.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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RF810RK RF wireless headphones by Sony

Type: Tech, Headphones


Overall: 74% | Quality: 7 | Usability: 8 | Value: 7

The packaging isn’t too great and lacks in some information I would usually like to see for headphones.

The transmitter is okay but the aerial is cheap and after a while it will most likely give-way, on the plus side – this does give the headphone a fair distance. I would say from the house to the end of a small garden.

Let’s move onto the most important thing about these headphones; Sound. They are reasonably loud, the bass isn’t there but that’s to be expected from wireless headphones. The overall sound is okay but a little hollow.

Overall – if you don’t mind a pair of £30 sounding headphones that were turned into a wireless pair and slapped with a £60 price mark, these will do the job.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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Youtube, Gmail & G+ Pillows by GiftPillows

Type: Plushie, Pillows


Overall: 73% | Quality: 7 | unique: 8 | Value: 7

Hello all! someone on etsy called giftpillows sent me these to review.

So, guess what? Here I am! Moreover; i’m here with something cool and quite unique – google related pillows.

There’s not much I can say here. I’m just spreading the word that these pillows are cool and you should probably buy some. 🙂

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