HG3939 Coffee Grinder by Tiamo

Type: Tech, Coffee Beans, Ground coffee


Overall: 85% | Quality: 9 | usability: 9 | Packaging: 7

The packaging is great – with simple instructions printed on the side, along with other information you would probably expect from a manual.

On opening – it was all packed cleanly and was very easy to assemble. Every bit of this product simply slots together and the quality is outstanding.

I grinded some beans and was pleasently surprised by how easy it was to use. Once I finished – I took the top part of the grinder and unscrewed it to wash, it too no time at all. But the bottom part I did not wash. Why, you ask?

Because it also doubles up as a decent air-tight container – meaning you can always have fresh coffee at hand. I personally like to grind coffee up at night as I find it very therapeutic, and use the ground in the morning. Which makes this the perfect grinder for me.

Would I recommend this? 100% YES. It’s a luxury item that all coffee lovers need to own.

Thank you for reading. – Judge Shaun.

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